“It’s been a while since we saw our friend’s
handwriting, hasn’t it?…

We believe that handwriting is a crucial part of our
personality and attitude.

With MyRealFont, digital communication could be
personal again.”

Amit Harel, CEO& Founder

MyRealFont – Turn your handwriting into a Real Font!

MyRealFont is a user-generated fonts platform, which enables anyone to turn their handwriting into a real active font.
The fonts are used for greeting cards, personalized messages on social networks, MMS, or even secret codes sent by friends or lovers…
Personalized fonts can be used directly from smartphones and tablets, or eventually from anywhere, after exporting them to the PC or Mac.
Since MyRealFont has been launched on IOS, more than 700,000 users have created their real handwriting font and a new font is created every few minutes.
We see enormous possibilities to develop games and services on top of the font creation engine and plan to provide a white-label engine for companies that wish to use our technology to enhance communication within their applications.

MyRealFont platforms
The IPhone version was the first to launch and became a huge success with over 700,000 downloads to date.

The Android version is live and featured at the Samsung app market.
Samsung has realized the importance of hand writing in messages and therefore created the Samsung Note with S pen features.
Samsung realized that MyRealFont is targeting the same idea of personal messaging and therefore chose us to be promoted and to be sold exclusively by Samsung.
Microsoft became interested in our app and asked us to develop a Windows 8 version. According to Metro feel, the app will be presented as one of the first apps in the MS app store before the Windows 8 official launch.

What next? A lot..:)
Stay tuned.